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Fashion Photography / LifeStyle / Travel / Events

Retrato profesional. PhotoBook profesional. Modelo masculino.

Shaped by his career in film direction, Adrián reflects his cinematographic experience in each image, achieving a clean and visually striking style that captures the essence of each moment.

Specialized in fashion and editorial photography, Adrián stands out for his ability to create elegant and sophisticated compositions that highlight beauty and visual narrative. Although his main niche is fashion and editorial, his versatility allows him to successfully tackle a wide range of photography projects.

The combination of his film training and his passion for photography results in work that not only meets, but exceeds expectations, always offering exceptional quality and a distinctive artistic touch.

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For Adrián, fashion and editorial photography is not only about capturing beautiful images, but also about telling visual stories that highlight the essence and character of each model and setting.

Thanks to his studies in film direction and his extensive experience directing actors, Adrián understands the importance of connecting deeply with models and actors. This connection is key to achieving the best results, allowing each person in front of your camera to feel comfortable and authentic, thus capturing images that reflect their true personality and emotions.

Adrián firmly believes that collaboration and trust are essential in his work, and is dedicated to creating a work environment where creativity flows freely.

Fotografía de moda Barcelona. Fashion Photography Barcelona.

If you are looking for a professional fashion and editorial photographer who combines aesthetics, creativity and cinematographic experience, Adrián Jiménez is your best option.

Whether for a fashion campaign, a stunning editorial, books and photobooks for models and actors, or any other type of photography, Adrián is dedicated to delivering exceptional results.



Model PhotoBook - Jan Sabater

Nueva imagen publicitaria - StarDanceStudio

Dance PhotoBook - Mario Saborido

Aquí puedes ver algunos de mis últimos proyectos como fotógrafo. 

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